DIDESEX (Civil Association. Acronym in Spanish for: Diversity, Sports and Sexuality.), with the support of The Federation of Gay Games, FARE Network and GayLatino: Network for equal rights, in compliance with the DIDESEX’s Strategic Plan 2019 -2022 and with the purpose of sensitize and promote Positive Models that foster changes in social coexistence and actions regarding stigma and discrimination about sexual diversity, mainly against homophobia and transphobia in sports, kindly invite you to participate in the:


Aimed to sexually-diverse sports teams and/or LGBT+ individual athletes that would like to participate in the following sports: Athletics, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Soccer, Soccer 7, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball.

 Date: June 26 – 28, 2019.

Schedule and venues: Specific venues for each sport will be presented on April 15th 2019, on DIDESEX’s web site and social media.

June 26th, Welcome cocktail and Registration – 19:00 h

June 27th, Preliminary rounds / Village – 08:00 – 19:00 h

June 28th, Semifinals and Finals / Closing ceremony. – 08:00 – 19:00 h


Officially open from the publication of this announcement. Participants will send their Registration Form (“Cédula de Inscripción”) via email to registro.didesex@gmail.com

Registration will close on May 1st, 2019


Registration fees are shown in Mexican pesos. Estimated equivalence to US dollar is shown only with informative purposes.

Team sports fees:

  • Basketball – $1,000.00 per team ($55.00 USD)
  • Beach volleyball – $300.00 per team ($17.00 USD)
  • Rugby 7 – $1,500 per team ($80.00 USD)
  • Soccer – $1,500 per team ($80.00 USD)
  • Soccer 7 – $1,000.00 per team ($55.00 USD)
  • Volleyball – $1,000.00 per team ($55.00 USD)

Individual sports fee:

Registration for Athletics, Bodybuilding, Swimming and Tennis have no fee.

What you need to participate

  • You need to be part of a sexually diverse team of any sport available for this event or be an LGBT+ athlete for the individual events.
  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Attend to the registered events in the date and venue schedule.
  • All the team members must wear the mandatory uniform for each sport.
  • Non-LGBT+ participants registration is restricted. The permitted amount of these participants is stablished by common agreement per sport and would be notified in the Competition Rules of each sport, through the team captain.
  • Participation of Non-LGBT+ athletes is not restricted for individual sports.

Maximum of participants per team.

  • Basketball (Mixed gender): 12 participants
  • Beach Volleyball (mixed gender): 3 participants
  • Rugby (Mixed gender and Women’s): 15 participants
  • Soccer (Mixed gender): 18 participants
  • Soccer 7 (Mixed gender and Women’s): 12 participants
  • Volleyball (Competitive and Recreational): 12 participants

Individual sports events

  • Athletics: 3K and 5K
  • Bodybuilding: Men’s and Women’s General competition
  • Tennis: Round-robin (depending amount of participants)
  • Swimming: 50 and 100 m Breaststroke, Backstroke Butterfly and Freestyle / 800 m freestyle / 4×50 Medley Relay and Freestyle Relay (Mens’, Women’s and Mixed Gender)

 The competition system will be stablished according each sport and will be published on the last week of May, during the main draw that will be live streaming on DIDESEX’s social media, to stablish the competition matches.

Matches will have official referees.

Competition Rules will be stablished in compliance with the National Federation of each sport.

Awards: A Trophy will be delivered to the first place of each sport event.


FIRST: The event is open to members of sexually diverse teams of any American country, 18+ years old. In case of underage participants, a Letter of Consent additionally to the registration is mandatory.

SECOND: This event is intended to create spaces for LGBT+ sports that stimulates positive models of coexistence. For that reason, all registrations will be considered until, due to logistics, the maximum of participants per sport is reached.

THIRD: This event’s priority is to nurture respect and recognition to sexual diversity, so any homo-lesbo-transphobic attitude, discrimination or violent behavior will not be permitted or tolerated at any moment during the competition or coexistence activities, neither at the venues involved.

FOURTH: We are looking to create a network to share personal and professional experiences regarding LGBT+ sports participation or activism. For this, we are promoting the attendance of some special guests, who’s presence will enrich the spirit of coexistence, making the event an integral experience that goes beyond winning. Special guests list will be announced through DIDESEX’s social media, as their attendance is confirmed.

FIFTH: Participants are responsible for their accommodation, food and transport expenses.

SIXTH: This meeting is looking up to show, recognize and share lessons learned from LGBT+ sports activities, within strategies of inclusion and respect of LGBT people rights. For this reason, all the purposes and intentions of this event have no political interests. We reserve the right of selection of participants who belong or have a recognized trajectory in Civil Society Organizations, Organizations of the Public Administration, Decentralized organizations or militates in a political party.

SEVENTH: This year, the DIDESEX’S Sporting Event of Sexual Diversity has been named <Recognize yourself / our History >, as part of an informational communication campaign about respect and recognition of sexual diversity



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